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a Fíli & Kíli fanfiction by AOnceToldStory

Five (!) chapters finished so far!

Fireborn (Hobbit) - Ch. 4PART I
- - -
Chapter 4: The Messenger

The courtroom was stuffed with people, both sitting on the benches and standing by the walls. They were mostly locals, a mix of Dwarves and Men, but in the farthest corner stood a small group of newcomers, silently observing everything that happened. Thorin could clearly make out from his place in the front of the hall, facing the crowds, the hatred in their eyes when looking upon one of his people. He'd much like to pay them the same disrespect, but he had to keep his temper as the court proceedings were read aloud by Thaemir, the Human town master of Ewardor.
"… address the matter of last night's bar brawl … Darird from out of town, and Bofur from Ewardor … Durin's Folk representative Thorin Oakenshield…"
Thorin barely listened. His head was throbbing with tire. But he was focused, only not on Thaemir's words. He was trying to wrap his head a
Fireborn (Hobbit) - Ch. 5PART I
- - -
Chapter 5: The Locket

If anytime in his life Fíli had wanted to just sit down and cry his heart out, this was that moment. There was so much anger, blame and excruciating worry crushing down on him that he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs and then fall into a river, unable to call out for a help he did not deserve. Kíli, his beloved baby brother, had gone missing. Dead, for all he knew. And it was all Fíli’s fault.
A neighbor of the Durin family had seen the youngest heir conversing in the darkness with a stranger female before taking off to Mahal knows where. The witness had pointed the search party, assembled and lead by Dwalin, down the Narendor road. The two runaways’ trail had ended in the worst of ways — a site of struggle, where alarming amounts of blood had been unsuccessfully covered up with gravel and pine needles.
The moment Dwalin

A mysterious caravan pulls into the Blue Mountains, wreaking havoc. But as they leave, several dwarves go missing - including Kili. Along with the young blacksmith Elir, Fili sets out to find and rescue his brother, and Thorin is not far behind. But there's more to the kidnappings than they know, and the extermination of the entire Dwarf race may not be far away…

Read Fireborn here on dA or
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What do I do?

Writing different types of fanfiction is for me the best way to develop my author skills! Here follows a quick walkthrough of what I have to offer you:

Fanfiction one-shots


I will do short one-shot fanfictions requests. I also do CharacterxReader stories. You either give me a short description of what/who you want the one-shot to be about, or you can show me a picture that you want the one-shot to be inspired from. Word counts are between 500-3000, depending. I can write one-shots with explicit content as well as character death, bloody violence and stuff like that. I'd prefer not to write non-canon slash, though, but if you ask nicely I may try it. :D

Fandoms I write from:
First hand
The Hobbit, Supernatural, BBC Sherlock, Star Wars (Jedi Apprentice), Transformers (Bay-movies), Galactik Football, Alpha Teens On Machines, Legend of the Seeker, TMNT, Avatar - The Last Airbender, Rise of the Guardians

Second hand
Star Wars (movies), Transformers (Animated), Legend of the Seeker, Hunger Games, Naruto, Hetalia, Digimon (Adventure 1 & 2), Night at the Museum.

If you wonder about any other fandoms, please note me and ask.

- - -




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Hello and welcome to my haven of creativity and imagination!

My name is Carolina Bodin, or, as I'm more oftenly called, Carro. I am a 16-year-old, Swedish girl with a deep love for all kinds of art. I've been writing since I was six years old and I've been painting and drawing even longer than that. One of my greatest passions are movies, both watching them and making them myself. My dream is to become a published author, and I am doing all I can to reach that goal.

Fanfiction has always been in my heart, both reading and writing it, and it is the best way for me to develop my writing. Outside of fanfiction I enjoy writing fantasy, adventure and horror the most. Two of my novel projects are Earth's Legacy and The Aether Chronicles - you might want to keep a look out for those in the future! :D

If you've read this far, thank you, and I hope you'll read and enjoy my works here on dA! :love:

Featured: Fireborn Ch. 1

Kili and Fili - Brothers Stamp by Comsical

About this feature

Fireborn (Hobbit) is a multi-chapter fanfiction set a few years before the Quest of Erebor from the movie The Hobbit. It focuses mainly on Fíli and Kíli (no slash), but Thorin Oakenshield will also have a major role throughout the story.

If you read, be prepared for described violence, angst, brotherly love and loads of Durin family feels!

Music is inspiration!


This short piece of beautiful RPG music is what I was listening to when I came up with the ideas for Fireborn, my Hobbit fanfiction which you can read below!


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VideoGamerNerd Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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You're very welcome, thanks for sharing it! :D
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Thanks so much for the fav <3
I am really proud of that Silver Glass pic, but no one else seems to like it. Too sad, I guess :/
Oh, the sad artworks are the best, especially when it comes to stuff like the Durin Line artwork - so much emotion and inspiration to be taken from it, both happy and angsty since you remember the best of times and their history, as well as seeing the anguish of their fate! :D :heart:
Lindenlin Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the :+fav:! I appreciate it very much!  :squee: :hug:
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